Hi there! I'm Laila.

My work in Textile Design goes from all-over prints to positional graphics and illustration,
anything that can be printed on fashion fabrics, I'm in!.

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 27-1-1984 - Spain

Studies: Fine Arts, speciality on Illustration & Graphic Design. My final project was a Fashion Illustration book Fashion Design at IED Madrid, speciality on Textile, Patterns&Prints, & Fashion Illustration.

Languages: Native Spanish, Advanced English & French and basic Arabic.

Experience: Six month internship at Spanish brand Jota+Ge, doing graphic work such as jacquard designs, positional graphics, panots and all-over patterns.

Works as freelance graphic designer for the catalogues of the kid fashion brand Pan con Chocolate. Also, been its designer´s assistant at fairs like Première Vision and Trend Hunting Trips.

Second Prize at the Design Contest organised by the brand Vilagallo.

Pulished work in 2011 edition of Texitura.

Jewelry Designer at Blanco, after being Graphic Designer for its Accesory Department (2011-2012).

Print Designer at Pepe Jeans (february 2012-december 2014).


Currently working at Mango as Textile Designer at the Jersey Dept (since january 2015). Drawing original artwork for all-over, panot and positional prints & graphics, aswell as technical sheets and management of all the printing process, the orders and quality search.

Also, I've occasionally developed whole garment designs to support the design team.


All of these prints are my original work, not bought nor provided by suppliers.

My Own

All of these prints are my original work, not bought nor provided by suppliers.


Designs for my brand project Freak in Me.